Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It can’t be said enough….

…..that it takes a village….  This past weekend at our home club, Jake ended our amazing 2014 with 3 blue ribbons with one earning him a high in class ribbon also.  All his achievements wouldn’t have happened without the many people involved in barn hunt.  I’d like to personally thank:

  • Gail, Brenda and Becky for bringing barn hunt to Wisconsin
  • the people and dog clubs who organized the trials we attended
  • the 14 judges we trialed under who always strove to be fair and consistent in their judging
  • the workers who volunteered their time
  • Lisa and Tammy for taking GREAT pictures
  • the cooks and kitchen staff who fed the workers delicious food
  • the people who raised and provided rats for the trials
  • anyone who I handed my video camera to who graciously agreed to tape Jake
  • my new friends who brought their rats to my house and offered me all kinds of great tips on how to resolve “issues”
  • the farmers who brought straw inside my yard to me…  oops.. they probably won’t be seeing this post now will they … anyway…

I’m certainly looking forward to spring wondering how Jake will react after not seeing rats for 4 months!  Perhaps the squirrels and rabbits in the yard will keep him entertained so he doesn’t forget his job!

2013-03-24 12.16.37   DSCN0568   DSCN0563