Sunday, May 25, 2014


On May 25th Jake earned his Champion title in Oak Creek WI!!!

2014.5.25 RATCH Jake ..

DSCN0033    2014.5.24-198    2014.5.24-202

Sunday, May 11, 2014

New training shed!!

..with no worries about rain!  What a project!

Before (a garden shed that never really worked out) and half emptied!  12x16 and DRY!


Emptied and blown out with the dogs’ coat blower and then cushy mats put on concrete (Note Jake hanging out in the back – he’s never far from me.)


Now to get the straw from the shelter to the shed and tried a few ways before I was successful at moving 3 bales at once.  Later I put the mower attachments on and filled those up with loose straw.


And voile! Bales and loose straw from opened bales.  Oh..  and this isn’t all the bales.  It got hot (note Jake who dug himself a hole in the dirt before lounging in it) and storms were on the horizon.  When this is done I can put sides on the shelter which is 20x20, level it out, and get more straw!


And the last of the straw is now out of the shelter area so I can level it off, fence it and then fill it up again with straw!  And the other shed now has crates in it so I don’t have to keep them in the garage during training!!