Sunday, April 28, 2019

Finally! Excellent Buried Hides Title!


An Excellent Buried Hides title (hides 6 inches down in ground)!  We sure tried enough times to get those 3 legs!  

That also got us our overall Excellent title because Jake already has the interior, containers and exterior master titles!  He also got the last of the Qs for the Master Interior Elite title!  Overall 8 placements (7-1st places and 1 3rd place)!  What a weekend!  

Thanks to the members of the Scent Work Club of Central WI for a great, fun trial! And thanks to awesome judges Christine Kozanda, Joanne Soyke and Renea L Dahms!!  You guys are the best!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Jake's Agility Adventures!

Two years ago I took Jake to agility lessons for fun and we participated in a few NADAC Video Runs at K9 Corps Agility and earned one leg.

Intro Skilled V Hoopers:1  Jake (17-07186)  Laurel Stone  Lemon  08/01/2017  q  

We did very little last year but this year decided it would be good exercise for both of us so started with lessons from Jeff Reidl at Dogwood Acres (K9 Corp Agility) and Jake didn't miss a beat!  Me - not so much so he compensated for me saying the wrong thing and just followed my hand motions!  I am very careful to not let him jump much and the highest he will have to jump in 12 inches because of age and we also won't be doing the weave poles but we will be having fun!

Last week we did 2 Video Runs and, oh surprise, passed both!  Jake has matured nicely into a dog who now actually listens to me on the course!  I guess all that rally and obedience training we've done have made a difference!!  :)

Laurel Stone  04/16/2019  Passion  Jake  17-07186  Skilled- Intro Regular-1  Q  Congratulations! 
 Laurel Stone  04/16/2019  Passion  Jake  17-07186  Skilled- Intro Regular-2  Q  Congratulations!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Jake's FUN day! Dock Diving AND Barn Hunt!

Posted on Facebook:

Jake had a SUPER day today doing 2 (yes TWO) of his favorite sports! Thanks to Three Hounds Training Ground (BeckyDianeRick - it was great seeing you again!) for offering the NADD Dock Jumping event and practice Barn Hunt! 

I limit Jake's jumps these days to one splash/wave a day because he is, after all, 9.5 years old and he still gives it all he's got! And thanks to my good buddy Minna for helping me hold the wild man back so he wouldn't charge the dock before his turn! 

We hadn't done Barn Hunt for 2 years and when Jake (1st RATCHX in the history of Barn Hunt and silver medalist at the 2014 nationals) realized that's what we were there for he got really excited and lost no time finding 5 rats in the first run and 2 more in the second one! Thanks Sue for that great opportunity!