Monday, July 28, 2014

The Road to RATCHX

Champion Excellent is a bit of a hike…  and Jake did it in ONE year!

  • 3 legs for NOVICE - average time 46 seconds (93-24-21)
  • 3 legs for OPEN – average time 1 min. 7 sec.
  • 3 legs for SENIOR – average time 1 min. 54 sec.
  • 5 legs for MASTER – average time 2 min. 54 sec.
  • 10 legs for RATCH (Champion) average time 2 min 23 sec.
  • 10 legs for RATCHX (Champion Excellent) average time 2 min. 54 sec.

34 total legs and all but 3 were earned in Wisconsin and were a day trip! He only NQ’d 11 times (no WAIT… “I” NQ’d 11 times!!) and an interesting fact is that 8 were in the morning trials and 3 were in the afternoon ones.  Jake earned the following:

  • 22 - 1st place ribbons (12 High in Class)
  • 10 - 2nd place ribbons
  • 1 - 3rd place ribbon
  • 1 – 5th place in his first trial after having been introduced to barn hunt a week before!

2013-2014 Jakes ribbons

It takes a village!

(Posted on Facebook)

RATCHX Jake! What a fun dog he is!

If you're new to barn hunt you'll quickly realize it takes a village (as they say) to make things happen! Thanks to everyone who has ever organized a trial, judged a trial, worked at a trial, taken pictures at a trial, helped me video tape at a trial, pulled me aside after a run and said "don't ever do that again" or you'll be disqualified (touch the bales or Jake or tube, etc.. I could go on with this one) and last but certainly not least the fun people I train with and who own rats! I have made it this far and not yet touched one!!!

Jake's times were great this weekend as you can see! If he passes he places, if we don't, trust me.. it's my fault! So..

  • Sat. Trial 1 - 1st place large (2 min 50 sec.) missed High in Class by ONE second!
  • Sat. Trial 2 - 1st place large (2 min. 17 sec.) High in Class (5 rats!)
  • Sun. Trial 1 - 1st place large (2 min. 34 sec.) High in Class RATCHX title!
  • Sun. Trial 2 - NQ.. called at about 2 min. after 4 rats because I'm now GOING FOR SPEED and taking chances!

AWESOME weekend! Always great to see the regulars again and meet new folks! Thanks to all!

RATCHX Jake awards

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Posted in the Great Lakes Barn Hunt Facebook group Sunday July 27, 2014:

BIG NEWS FLASH. Jake von der Alte Baum "Jake", a German Shepherd Dog from Larsen, WI, owned and handled by Laurel Stone earned the first RATCHX in the history of the Barn Hunt, pending confirmation by BHA, today at Waukesha, WI.

Rat Champion Excellent requires that a dog earn 25 Master legs total, including the 5 earned in the RATM and the 10 earned in the RATCH. Very exciting for all of us!!!!

Taken at Waukesha County Expo Center

2014.7.27 Waukesha (3)

Moments after final leg required for RATCHX was earned in Trial 1 on Sunday morning, in a run judged by Susan Chapman. — with Laurel Stone and Susan Chapman at Waukesha County Expo Center.

Jake's personalized RATCHX bar and ribbon. — at Waukesha County Expo Center.


By the end of the weekend, Jake was a very decorated fellow! — at Waukesha County Expo Center.

Andrea Dugger - May 25 congRATulations Laurel Stone and RATCH Jake for becoming the 3rd? Barn Hunt Champions in the world! I can't wait to see the pics / videos!

You, Kelly Mientke Butkiewicz, Brenda Coffield, Karen Alvarez and 48 others like this.

  • Brenda Coffield Sorry I didn't get back to see it, Laurel. But huge congRATS!
  • Kitty Check Huge congRATS!. Great job!
  • Kitty Check who is the 2nd RATCH?
  • Ellen Bloomfield CongRats!!!!!
  • Andrea Dugger 2nd? Carol Cagel and Gracie
  • Nancy Yeoman Awesome!!! Woo Hoo!!!
  • Darla Lacey Congratulations Laurel.
  • Jean Richardson Whoopee!
  • Sandra Hoesel Congrats Laurel & Jake!!
  • Kathy Kimmeth Congrats what a great accomplishment.
  • Sandra Hoesel Who are the three? Andrea, Carol and Laurel?
  • Andrea Dugger As far as I know- unless there have been others that we just haven't about yet.
  • Karen Alvarez Big Congrats to you and Jake!
  • Paula King I'm so happy for you and glad I was able to film your winning run!
  • Sandra Hoesel What I find interesting is in a true testament to Barn Hunt being a sport for all dogs, the 3 are a Weimaraner, a GSD and a GWP. Way to go ladies!!
  • Andrea Dugger I disagree- apparently the Germans have a leg up in the sport. Bwahhaaaa
  • Sandra Hoesel Well considering Weims and GWP's are two of my breeds and I competed in 4-H and AKC with a GSD, I think you are correct Andrea. German breeds have a leg up! (said somebody of German descent... )
  • Nancy Yeoman We're going to get Dachshunds in there some day! Go short-legged Germans! hahaha
  • Jean Richardson Beware, the Brits are coming. Terriers of the world, unite and get to hunting those rats.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Menasha Trial July 5-6, 2014

WOOHOO! – a local trial!!  travel time 20 minutes! 
Entered both Jake and Brita! 
Thank you Paws Applause (Gail Donaldson)!!


Jake:   Saturday Trial 1     Saturday Trial 2       Sunday Trial 1       Sunday Trial 2

Brita:   Saturday Trial 1     Saturday Trial 2       Sunday Trial 1       Sunday Trial 2

Brita got one open leg and Jake got 3 legs..  two 1st places, one high in class and one 2nd place.

and… Jake got 3 more legs towards his RATCHX and has only 3 more to go!!