Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Dock Dog title and WORLDS!

5 jumps in the Junior class earns him a title!

Cabela’s Independence Splash

  • Big Air Wave # 2, Wed Jul 15, 12:00 pm  CDT 13’5”  2nd place  Junior
  • Big Air Wave # 3, Wed Jul 15, 02:00 pm  CDT 13’2”  3rd place  Junior

Winnebago County Fair - Wild Card Event

  • Big Air Wave # 1, Tue Aug 04, 06:00 pm  CDT 14’2” 1st place Junior
  • Big Air Wave # 2, Wed Aug 05, 12:00 pm  CDT  14’3”  1st place  Junior 
  • Big Air Wave # 3, Wed Aug 05, 02:00 pm  CDT  13’5”  3rd place  Junior  New title – Junior
  • Big Air Wave # 6, Thu Aug 06, 12:00 pm  CDT 12’4” 2nd Junior
  • Big Air Wave # 10, Fri Aug 07, 11:00 am  CDT  16’6” 2nd place Senior (personal best!

Average jump at the Fair was about 14 feet which was close to the top of the Junior division without going over it.  This earned Jake an invitation to the World Championship in November in Dubuque Iowa!!


2015 Invitation - Laurel Stone & Jake BA Junior

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So I'm pretty new to this dock jumping stuff since our first event was mid June but Jake must have done something right at the Winnebago County Fair Dock Dog event because it earned him an invitation to the World Championships in Iowa in November! I'm not sure how that happened but so proud of the kid yet again!

  • Laurel Stone Thanks Dawn! It was a surprise to me!

  • Linda Marx Congrats you both deserve it. My little boy has done good. Love that Jake . You to Laurel.

  • Cheryl Bracht Way cool Laurel!!!!