Sunday, November 12, 2017

Relearning the dock!

I spent MONTHS teaching Jake to NOT go down the ramp but rather jump off the dock so he could do dock diving. Now, so he can continue swimming and not over-stress his back/rear end, (he only has one hip due to an accident when he was a wee one and removal of the head of the hip at 4 months old) I'm reversing course to make it easier. Also, to make it easier is the reason why he has a life jacket on again. Today, he is showing off and teaching Micah (James Affeldt) who is barking in the background that it's really fun to retrieve in the water even though jumping 16'.6" (person best jump) is not a part of it! He just turned 8 and he still thinks he can do it all so unfortunately I have to be the voice of reason for him!!