Saturday, June 27, 2015

2015.6.27 More Pier Pups

Jake's 12 foot jump this weekend! His biggest liability is the person (me) who is not throwing the bumper far enough!! ... or throwing it so far that it doesn't even end up in the pool!

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  • Ali Herrn practice practice practice smile emoticon you can practice throwing without the dog smile emoticon
    • Laurel's Dogs I know!!! I have an area set up in the yard with a lane 40 feet back for Jake and then a board for me to stand on and a target for me 30 feet out. He has a ton of fun practicing this with me and retrieving the bumper... I, however, have a very sore right shoulder (getting xrays soon) so have had to throw with my left arm and after practicing for days in a row now have a sore left one! lol I do tend to overdo it sometimes!! smile emoticon He doesn't care what my throw is like or how far he jumps because he gets to jump no matter what and it's all fun!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

2015.6.12 Jake Dock Diving with Pier Pups

So off we go to Fond du Lac for the dock diving competition at Walleye Weekend!  The weather was beautiful after a soaking rain through the morning, the people were awesome and helpful and Jake was a handful.  He was pretty calm taking it all in UNTIL he realized why we were there!  He is not happy having to wait for his turn but he does it with clenched paws in the ground! What fun!! 





Friday, June 5, 2015

Making a statement!

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Dog people, welders, anyone... Jake has yet again tore apart the side of his metal crate (simply because I took Brita out and was paying attention to her and he was left 10 feet behind...) I had this crate made for him (because any normal crate was useless) and had to have one side replaced already. Suggestions (for what to do with crate not what to do with Jake! lol)???


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  • Cris Lewis Yikes! ... solid metal sides with ventilation slats?

  • Laurel Stone Cris Lewis - any experience with them.. wouldn't it be awfully hot?

  • Cris Lewis no experience ... just a thought. Add a fan on the outside? I have seen some pretty heavy duty ones used by hunters and show people that seems to have enough ventilation, but are much more solid than what I see in the picture here ... Does Jake incur any injuries from this destruction?

  • Kate Witas I would think solid steel with slants ( hunting box) with ac unit attached

  • Laurel Stone I've seen those also Cris and thought about them. I have a good fan I use when necessary. No he hasn't hurt himself thank goodness!

  • Laurel Stone Kate Witas - that's a perfect world... I've seen them and for his size it's well over $1000 and not in the budget. The temporary solution is to simply not take Brita with me which isn't fair to her...

  • Kate Witas Can you build it yourself or do 3 sides so vent out front. He could go for that side but Id choose a side he cant see out

  • Cindy Pischke Call my husband Pete at his shop 920-231-7725 and he can weld it for you.

  • Laurel Stone Something to think about Kate...

  • Laurel Stone Thanks Cindy... I'll do that! I can at least stop and let him take a look at it and get his ideas! smile emoticon

  • Heather Neldner stainless steal solid sides and slat bars for the top and front. Would be much sturdier. Rig up a fan or 2 if you need them to keep him cool. If you can't afford to replace all the sides at once just do one or 2 at a time. it would be a shame for him to hurt himself if he is being a butthead.

  • Tessa Veith-Loewe Oh my goodness. My step dad is a welder. I will ask him what he thinks. This takes Josephine's tendency toward escape to a whole new level.

  • Barbara DePoy Farb We have a metal wire crate for Jaeger as he destroyed everything else. It folds down for travel. It is made by Central Metal products. You can padlock the fold down top,if needed, so he can't force it open.

  • Heather Neldner or you could try something like this-

  • Jan Krause Van Zeeland Could you just do something with chain link fencing???

  • Andrea Tobolski Dobson Is that aluminum? If so, I'd upgrade to stainless steel. Not all welders can work with aluminum if that's what it is. How's his mouth?

  • Laurel Stone I do have some fencing that is the black wrought iron and was thinking that could be an option for the sides if it could be attached to the outside because he pulls things in rather than push out.

  • Jim Higgins Weld in a thicker gauge expanded metal side.

  • Laurel Stone He pulled in the front of a large airline crate and has done the same thing with a heavy duty wire folding crate. smile emoticon

  • Nathan Frazier First thought for me seeing this pic is broken k9s yowser!

  • Laurel Stone Nathan - yea.. their pretty worn down anyway from sports and bones so no damage done this time.

  • Laurel Stone Andrea - yes... it's aluminum. the one side you don't see was replaced with stainless strips which always is an option but I'd love to keep the cost (and the weight) down. His mouth is fine.... smile emoticon

  • Anna Fagan has a,really nice one

  • Nita Woulf Metal crate.

  • Aluminum Dog Crates -...BY PRODOGZ.COM

  • Laurel Stone Lots of good ideas... thanks everyone!

  • Laurel Stone Another question for those who suggested the more closed crates. If you put a wet dog in one in hot weather, wouldn't that be a bit steamy? Anyone have experience with that?

  • Sandy Hartfiel I wonder if he needs something more steel than aluminum. Might be stronger.

  • Chelsea Wood Maybe you should talk to a zoo and ask where they get their lion crates!! smile emoticonhaha

  • Wendy Cope Cooke Holy smokes!!!!!!! Proven land shark! He did not cut his mouth or anything did he. Yikes..

  • Marilyn Tokach Holy cow! Jake! Knock it off, dude! You're going to hurt yourself!

  • Kelly Mientke Butkiewicz Oh Jake ...

  • Michael Joubert Scrap the expanded aluminum mesh.
    Go with tube or bar stock 3/4 or larger. If going with aluminum have additional cross members added.
    Something along those lines

  • Michael Joubert's photo.

    Amy Hannemann Ouch. So glad my escape artist is only 10 pounds. She's done a good number on a handful of regular wire crates, but at least I found a crate that she can't get her teeth on, now. Definitely hope you can find something that works for Jake, and I'd have to second the solid walls or thicker bars/tubing sentiments. If he can't get his teeth on it at all, though, that may be better.

  • Laurel Stone I like the idea of removing the mesh and putting in tubes. It's laying in my garage on it's side and I put the piece of fencing on top to take this picture and then turned the picture. The strips you see replaced mesh on the doors in the first episode but he pulled one of those strips off at one place on the bottom where it was attached. So my idea (before I got these other great ideas) was to see if this iron fence piece could have the ends put off and then have it attached to the outside of the crate removing the mesh. He pulls in to escape so having it on the outside would keep him from pulling it away from the crate. thoughts? ideas? what could go wrong? I'd like to make this crate work because of the size and the convenient sliding doors on each end that I wouldn't get in a stock one.Crate3

  • Brenda Coffield Jake is quite the challenge! He knows how to make a statement.

I couldn’t say it any better than Brenda!!  He does know how to make a statement!