Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Our 1st Nosework trial!

Finally, Jake ("Famous Jake" as I heard someone call him!) and I entered our first trial. We started Nosework at the beginning of the year and this UKC trial in Stevens Point Wisconsin was the first trial in any venue that was within a 90 min. radius of home. Saturday, Jake passed the first 3 PTs (Pre-Trial tests in birch, anise and clove) and zoomed on to the Elements offered (Containers, Interior and Vehicles - no Exterior) He successfully sourced the odor in all 3 Elements in both Trials that day earning him 3 titles: NC (Novice Containers), NI (Novice Interior) and NV (Novice Vehicle) with 2 First Place ribbons and 4 Third Place ribbons. Sunday we successfully repeated the PTs (because we could, not because we had to) and then proceeded to garner enough legs for 2 more titles, AI (Advanced Interior), AV (Advanced Vehicles), and a leg towards Advanced Containers with a 1st place, three 3rd places and a 4th place finish. All in all a GREAT weekend! Awesome, competent, helpful judges (Sharon Jonas & Joanne Soyke), beautiful weather, friendly competitors and and efficiently run trial will bring me back next year! A special thank you to Renea L Dahms at Pawsitively Unleashed and all the hardworking members of the Central WI Dog Sports Club!