Monday, July 23, 2012

Xray–one good hip… one no hip…

If you’re reading this you probably know about Jake’s hip, the injury and the operation.  If not, click the link in the sidebar called “Jake’s FHO Journey”.  Anyway..  was at the vets and decided to x-ray and see how it was…  one very good hip and one no hip…  You’d never know if you saw him …. interesting, huh?

2012-07-23 13.26.28-1

Saturday, July 7, 2012

This help I don't need! Jake helping water tomatoes!

So I turned the water on so the soaker hose would start watering the tomatoes and then I left for a bit to check on my neighbors puppies.  When I returned Jake had escaped from the house by moving a board I had blocking the dog door and was having a blast with the hose.  He had ripped the one side out creating a stream of water which he was playing with…  it could have been worse..  the water could have been going on to the tomatoes which I’m sure then that is where Jake would have been!   Brita was new to the mess as I brought her out not realizing that the trouble maker was already out!

     2012-07-21 19.09.36 

     2012-07-21 19.10.10