Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A surprise!

So I get a UPS notification that a delivery is arriving today and thought, omg, what did I order that I don't remember ordering... that's never happened! Then I receive this beautiful acrylic award (5" round 1" thick) from Robin to acknowledge Jake being the first RATCHX! Thank you Robin!

Jake's RATCHX award

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2015 Nationals!! (Next year)

Barn Hunt Association, LLC

September 16 ·

2015 National Dates! For real!

The 2015 Barn Hunt National will take place September 11-12-13, 2015 at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, MO.

Special Note #1: We may expand to three days!

Special Note #2: The National will again be a special event and titling legs will not be awarded at the National. Qualification criteria are TBD. However, the German Pinscher Club of America, who are holding their National on the 11th, are going to offer a Regular Barn Hunt trial on Thursday September 10! Woot!

Special Note #3: Friday the 11th will be Zipper's 10th Birthday, and since Zipper is the dog who inspired the sport, we will have to do something really fun and special for him. Like most guys, he'll be embarrassed. We don't care. All National Attendees will be invited to his Birthday Party.

Barn Hunt Association, LLC A Specialty show is not the same as a National. The National has a pre-requisite to enter. It is not a regular show. There are progressive rounds of competition, and only the top 50 get to progress to the last two rounds of competition. The courses will not be regular courses. We also have special classes such as the Games classes which are not held at a regular trial.
This is not just an ordinary show with "National" pasted on it. The dogs who are given medals at the end of the National have something you cannot get at a regular show. September 17 at 7:46am · Like · 6

  • Barn Hunt Association, LLC Sorry, hit enter too soon! Because there will be non-standard rules and non-standard courses and because dogs progress, it will not be a titling event. This year, as an example, the criteria to get into the National was a Novice title. But Rounds 3 and 4 of the Grand National were Senior and Master level courses (modified). In regular competition, it is illegal for a dog to get a Senior leg before they have an Open title, much less a Master leg. So the legs wouldn't count anyway.
    In big National competitions around the world from major organizations, there are not titling legs with the event. That includes the AKC agility and obedience National and Invitational, NADAC, USDAA, etc. The World Agility Open and the FCI World Championships are also not titling legs.
    Titling is for ordinary competitions. Nationals are special.  September 17 at 7:54am · Like · 8

  • Barn Hunt Association, LLC Up to you. This will not be a titling event. It will be a meeting of the best of the best to go head to head for the pure joy of the sport and watching dogs and handlers work. This year most of the top dogs in the country were there and the level of competition was outstanding. Breath taking to watch. That's what National competition is all about. September 17 at 8:04am · Like · 8

  • Jim Poor I think the difference between "national specialty" and "national championship" is lost on many who are clamoring for titles. NO national championship event that I am aware of awards titles. Course differences, etc are all good reasons behind it.September 17 at 9:19am · Edited · Like

  • Karen Passow Robin. Thank you for explaining your reasoning behind not titling at the Grand National. It puts up front that the Grand National is not a Barn Hunt trial that dogs from all over the country come to compete each other. Your explanation of the Grand National here needs to be included in the 2015 promotional materials given out by BHA. Many participants, including myself did not come to the 2014 Grand National with this perspective of what the Grand National would be. September 17 at 9:22am · Like · 1

  • Barn Hunt Association, LLC Well Karen Passow dogs from all over the country will certainly be coming together to compete against each other; as they did this year. But no, not a titling event (and that was made clear this year as well). The National is the best of the best going head to head for the pure sake of sport and fun. It's owners and dogs challenging themselves and showcasing their teamwork on non-regular courses against the other top teams in the Nation. It is a National Championship which is why the top 3 dogs in each division (Grand National, Games, Versatility) get medals.
    And you just gave me an idea....thanks! September 17 at 9:41am · Like

  • Greg Perry Yes, it is a GRAND competition between the dogs and it is a lot of fun. This format also allows for ring modification and minor rule mods. It is fun to run and fun to watch. There is also the "celebration of Barn Hunt" aspect to the weekend. September 17 at 9:41am · Like · 3