Monday, July 28, 2014

It takes a village!

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RATCHX Jake! What a fun dog he is!

If you're new to barn hunt you'll quickly realize it takes a village (as they say) to make things happen! Thanks to everyone who has ever organized a trial, judged a trial, worked at a trial, taken pictures at a trial, helped me video tape at a trial, pulled me aside after a run and said "don't ever do that again" or you'll be disqualified (touch the bales or Jake or tube, etc.. I could go on with this one) and last but certainly not least the fun people I train with and who own rats! I have made it this far and not yet touched one!!!

Jake's times were great this weekend as you can see! If he passes he places, if we don't, trust me.. it's my fault! So..

  • Sat. Trial 1 - 1st place large (2 min 50 sec.) missed High in Class by ONE second!
  • Sat. Trial 2 - 1st place large (2 min. 17 sec.) High in Class (5 rats!)
  • Sun. Trial 1 - 1st place large (2 min. 34 sec.) High in Class RATCHX title!
  • Sun. Trial 2 - NQ.. called at about 2 min. after 4 rats because I'm now GOING FOR SPEED and taking chances!

AWESOME weekend! Always great to see the regulars again and meet new folks! Thanks to all!

RATCHX Jake awards