Monday, November 30, 2020

Boom! 2020 goals achieved!

 Boom! 2020 goals achieved!

​Jake von der Alte Baum, 11 years old, completed the top 2 titles in AKC Scent Work and UKCs Champion title within the last few months.  Very few, if any, dogs have this combination of high titles competing in these venues! I couldn't be prouder of him!  

Photos are Jake's first Detective Leg with  judge Bonnie 2 years ago, Leg #10 with judge Kim YESTERDAY and a photo of him in wheels and another practicing a high hide showing off his strong rear end!

****AKC DETECTIVE   11/29/20

****AKC  Scent Work Master Elite.  8/23/20

****UKC Nosework Champion    8/15/20

A year ago Jake injured his back and was in wheels​ to be able to walk without falling​. After swimming multiple times a week and rehab, he roared back from retirement​ in June to trial again after 9 months off,​ better than ever and now has finished what he started​.

None of this would have happened without all of the clubs that put on trials, the ​organizers and ​volunteers who worked tirelessly at those trials ​to keep them running smoothly ​and the judges who spent hours on their feet in all sorts of weather from 40 mph wind,  rain and snow to 100° temperature!

I truly appreciate the support of all the friends that I've made in my travels​ and my training partners (You all know who you are!).​ ​And also thanks for the ​private messages of congratulations that I received from all of you. And for my non-dog training friends,​this is a big deal and​ thanks for understanding my passion and supporting me like you do​!