Monday, May 2, 2016

Rick’s Repair & farm equipment!


NW Rick's Repair

And here is the video and explanation that goes with it.

I often video but rarely post them because I’m taking them and they are pretty shaky and awful.  Today I really tried to get some good footage of Jake who tends to be a pretty active dog.  I’m sold on using a flexi for nosework (nothing else) because it doesn’t get tangled and I let Jake work farther away from me. It’s clearly a learning curve and I’m beginning to handle it better.  I am a clicker/marker trainer and believe that when I say YES that it ends the exercise and Jake returns to me for the reward.  When I say GOOD, he knows he has to stay in position until I say YES.  I’ve recently started pairing ALERT with GOOD and there is one find on the video where I say ALERT and he pushes back into the find until I say YES.  I feel that I talk too much and am working on that!    In order to not overface him, all the hides are accessible.  It’s pretty windy (NE17) and at the auto repair shop (5 hides aged 3 hours) that has farm equipment you can see him under the equipment on one side and then finding odor on the other.  The last 5 hides (aged 2 hours) at the vet office had the distractions of dog potty smells but I kept the hides off the grass at this time to help him be successful since he has only been doing nosework for 4 months.