Friday, December 25, 2015

Two weeks of training!

More of the same!  He’s going to be a ROCK STAR!   3-4 sessions/day and 4 hides each session!

Here is the 2 week video.  I started with 15 min. and cut it to under 2 min.  He generally keeps his nose on the source (odor is birch) until I say “yes” and then he lifts his head.  Sometimes I am saying it quietly so it just looks like I’m rewarding him after his head is up but I’ve marked it when his head is down.  I started using a leash and moving it around over his back as he sticks with the source.  His obedience to odor is really good for only doing this for 2 weeks. 

And the training room is getting slightly more chaiotic!


Here are some of the containers I’m using for hides: