Monday, October 27, 2014

Jake’s journey to RATCHX2



Some facts about our RATCHX2 journey:

  • 44 legs are required (novice-3, open-3, senior-3, master-5, ratch-10, ratchx-10, ratchx2-10)
  • 38 of the 44 were earned in WI (86%), 3 were earned in IL and another 3 in St. Louis.
  • In 43 of the 44 legs earned, he placed (27-1st places, 14-2nd places, 3-3rd places --the very first trial he took 5th).
  • 13 times he earned High in Class.
  • We averaged slightly less than one weekend per month trialing from July 2013.
  • We trialed under 14 different judges.
  • Our passing rate is 75% (Jake is 100%,  I am 75%)
  • Our average speed for masters is 2 minutes 46 seconds.

One more trial in 2 weeks in Menasha and then planning on the Sheboygan trial the end of March to start off the 2015 season!

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  • Debby McNamara Congratulations on an amazing journey. Lots of fun for you and Jake and the opportunity to meet lots of new people (and their K9 partners) all while having a good time. Look forward to more successes for 100% Jake.

  • Linda Milbrath WOW you do a great job keeping records and it is very interesting. Jake is a great dog. You have come so far! I remember watching him drag you to the ring when you started! LOL Congratulations!

  • Andrea Marie He sure has found his calling

  • Nancy Yeoman Huge Congratulations!

  • Robin Abbott Way to go team!!!!!

  • Traci Eckrich Reinke Stunning picture

  • Jim N Barb Berry What an awesome year it has been! I remember meeting you and your dogs in Hortonville last year in Sept. I was so thrilled when Hudson got his first two legs in novice there I never dreamed we ever make it up to masters!

  • Laurel Stone Debby - you are so right.. I love meeting all the people and sometime I'm going to write a post called "it takes a village". Linda - lol... he still drags me into the ring... I have learned to stay on my feet now however! lol Barb - I remember that trial also - I had no idea what I was doing or even what the upper levels were!

  • Lisa Quast Gorgeous pic of Jake!

  • Laurel Stone Lisa - yes Tammy took a great shot! the sun was just right and it brought out the color of his eyes. And Lisa when you see the full shot you'll see that the ribbon was so large that it basically covered the front of his body....

  • Lynn Beauchesne Awesome write-up and congratulations!!!

  • Kim Kern Beautiful picture! You and Jake are a great team, congratulations and awesome job on the stats!!!!

  • Jeanette Showalter Rausch Very cool on the stats! That is truly one gorgeous boy!! Lucky for you, you left out the cost in entry fees for that title. I have been looking at it spread across five dogs. Quickly decided it was not that important.

  • Laurel Stone Jeanette - well I thought of the 'cost of the entries but I did just enter one dog until recently so that helped! All the money I spent on barn hunt added up probably wouldn't equal what I would have spent on a weeks vacation somewhere warm in the winter so I'm ok with spending it! It's all about our dogs, isn't it!

  • Linda Milbrath In agility we never mention the cost of a MACH either. Sure beats sitting in a bar or watching the boob tube etc.

  • Candy Henely You are a great and challenging team.

  • Laurel Stone Candy - Thanks! .....challenging as in "I need to build a course that Jake can't tear apart!" lol

  • Candy Henely That is exactly it Laurel Stone.....he has taught me a lot....

  • Laurel Stone Candy - I think he has taught a lot of judges lessons about course construction!!! lol