Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Rock Star on Facebook!

Posted on the Great Lakes Barn Hunt Facebook Group!
Laurel Stone added photos to Barn Hunt, Hortonville WI September 28-29, 2013.

It only took 10 days from the day I emailed it to the AKC to receive his certificate!  That's pretty good!  Note the fancy-dancy braids around his neck that he got at the Rock Road trial! :)

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  • Brenda Coffield He's come a long way since then!
  • Laurel Stone Brenda Coffield it's actually pretty amazing to me also. His 3 senior legs consistently got better.. from 2:15 to 1:59 to 1:29. The last run was the first time we didn't have to have a discussion about who gets to keep the tube with the rat. Now if he would just walk nicely to the start line! lol
  • Brenda Coffield Laurel Stone, I think he understands the game now and likes it!

(See picture of Jake with his ribbons on previous post)

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(See video on previous post)

Jake's Senior run yesterday at the Cascade trial! Go Jake, RATS
2013.10.27 Jake's Barn Hunt Senior Run 1 min 29 sec

  • Barn Hunt weekend October 10, 2013 - Cascade Wisconsin - 4 trials Trial 1 - earned OPEN TITLE - 2nd place, 1 min. 10 sec. run Trial 2 - earned leg 1 SENIOR -...

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    Posted on the Michigan Barn Hunt Facebook Group!

    Ellen Hizer….Sonja Davis check out this GSD getting a Senior leg in Barn Hunt! That is a Tunnel, a Climb and four rats in 1 min 29 secs. Great run!

    (See video on previous post)

    2013.10.27 Jake's Barn Hunt Senior Run 1 min 29 sec

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    • Sonja Davis Yeah I doubt I could get Tsuni to focus on another search, she would want the first one
    • Chris Willis That's going to be the problem with Rockett - once she has a find she goes so over the top ... gotta figure out a way to train me to get the tube out quickly and get her to keep looking for the next one!
    • Susan Olsen It was fun to watch Jake, but it was actually 4 rats in that short of time!!! Congratulations Jake!
    • Ellen Hizer thanks Susan, I wasn't there. I thought I only saw 3 on the video. Yes Sonja Davis that is where I am at with my kids, get the rat tube out quickly and get them on to the next rat.
    • Susan Olsen Jake is so quick
    • R.d. Mousseau nice they remove the rats as they find them. Wasn't aware you could 'direct' the dog. Can't wait to get the dachshunds on this. They're going to be CRAZY!!!
    • Ellen Hizer you can keep them moving to areas that they might not have searched yet but you have to be careful that you are not actually pulling them off of a rat! And you are not allowed to point with a finger or come within a foot of the tubes (and you do not know where they are so....) You are better off not interfering with the dog unless they get stuck on a smell (like a pee spot) and you KNOW there is no rat there. Then you can try to keep them moving. There is a lot more to 'handling' this then you would think.
    • Jean Richardson @Ellen it is quite interesting just verbal support. And I like that letting my dog use his own mind to do what he was bred to do. Now when I said get the rat today he became very alert