Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who was that masked dog…

Recently I was walking with the dogs in the training area and Brita was being very cautious because she has come out with the short end of the stick at times with Jake.  So Brita is in the first 2 photos and then Jake comes crashing out of the trees and around the large pine tree.  In the next 2 shots, Brita is oblivious to what is going to happen but at the last minute sees Jake charging right to her so she ducks and he jumps right over her, swings around the tree, grabs a toy and puts on an innocent look!  In the next few shots Jake is being goofy while Brita is staying clear of the action still not sure of what happened!  (Click on the picture for a closer up shot…  everything seemed to blend together in the action shot)


IMG_9727   IMG_9732   IMG_9736   IMG_9737   IMG_9739   IMG_9743   IMG_9744   IMG_9745   IMG_9752a  IMG_9754   IMG_9753  IMG_9758 IMG_9759  IMG_9761  IMG_9766