Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 2 – Out and About w/Jake

….but today Brita was along so she got to do some training after all the hoopla in the morning.  I had to go to the Century 21 office where there is a daycare in the building and I KNOW how much the kids like when I bring Brita so I was waiting with Jake when they came out to play.  He was wonderful with the kids…they could have done anything to him!   See for yourself….

Then to the dog club for some running for both Jake and Brita followed by some obedience training!  Here is a photo from last night when Brita got in the crate and Jake followed along and snuggled in beside her.  The second shot is when she settled on a towel next to the crate on the kitchen floor.

IMG_0645   IMG_0644