Monday, August 22, 2022

97 Recorded Lifetime titles

YES...  97 recorded lifetime titles...  I say "recorded" because there were several video titles that he completed that I never sent to the proper registry.  He didn't start earning titles until he was5 years old and competing in Barn Hunt and then there was no stopping him.  

In 2014, "Jake" earned the first RATCHX in the history of the Barn Hunt at Waukesha, WI. The RATCHX title  requires that a dog earn 25 Master legs total, including the 5 earned in the RATM and the 10 earned in the RATCH! He subsequently earned another 10 legs to earn his RATCHX2 (CLICK HERE to see the facts of this journey) in October 2014 and his RATCHX3 in July 2015! 

In 2015, our focus turned to Dock Jumping and he competed and titled in the venues of Dock Dogs, NADD and Pier Pups where he has a personal best of 16'6" in Big Air (earning a Junior title and an invitation to Worlds) and 9.330 seconds in Speed Retrieve! 

In 2016 Jake earned his RATCHX4 in Barn Hunt, a Speed Retrieve title from Dock Dogs and is now a Nosework junkie where he has earned in 2 years his UKC Elite title!

Throughout 2017, 2018 and 2019, Jake continued his scent work journey but was slowed down with health issues.  Arthritis in his back was taking a toll and there were times he moved better in his "wheels".  However, there were times he could walk so during those months we traveled and trialed.  By 2020 he was close to getting the last 3 we were shooting for:
  • UKC Nosework Champion
  • AKC Master Elite
  • AKC Detective
So when Covid hit and trials were cancelled I didn't think it would happen but then outdoor trials opened up and in August 2020 he achieved the first 2 and in November he got his 10th Detective leg! 

It was quite a journey (maybe I should say wild ride) with Jake, a dog who I didn't think would ever compete and earn a title! As they say...  there will never be another like him..  💓

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

And then there were TWO... again!

 Enter Mookie, a Hungarian Mudi!  13 pounds of energy arrived on the scene!  Below are some photos of the 2 of them and links to Mookie's website AND a photo album with Mookie and Jake in it.  

They love each other but I keep them separated unless under direct supervision to protect Jake!!  Mookie tries to play and Jake wants to but can't and there doesn't seem to be a good ending to an encounter.  As long as Mookie is calm, they can hang out together and then they are best buds!!  

Click here for Mookie's website called Mookie the Mudi!

Click here for photos of Jake and Mookie!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Miscellaneous photos

Always with a smile!

And he loves when friends visit!

And he definitely likes to deliver messages!

And his stuffies...  oh my, he loves them!


Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Spring Searching~ He's still got it!!

It's been awhile since I posted about Jake so I thought I'd post this video of him doing a pretty easy search over the weekend. He survived the winter and is actually doing better than he was  6 months ago! Hard to believe two and a half years ago he was in wheels! He certainly has had his ups and downs. His brain and front end are amazing but it takes a while to get the message down his wonky back to his rear end! Life is good at 12 and a half ❤️

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Thursday, November 18, 2021

2021.10 Jake's 12th Birthday MONTH!

Jake had his 12th birthday last month so instead of just celebrating the DAY we decided to make it a celebration of the MONTH! Everywhere we went he shared his birthday muffins which were a great hit and he was, as he always is even though he struggles at times, a happy boy!

  • Helping out with Lynsie's Scentwork class!
  • The last swim and bath with Steph at SwimDog!
  • Pat's visit brings toys!
  • Hanging out at a rally class with Karma!
  • Scent work practice at Winnegamie Dog Club!
  • A visit to Dr. Jeff at Great Lakes Vet!
  • Doing a demo at a rally class at WDC!
  • A walk through the yard with wheels!
  • Enjoying being the center of attention at Rally RunThru's at Winnegamie!
  • Hanging out in the yard!
  • The second to last ever visit to SwimDog!
  • A party at Winchester Town hall with Cutter and Karma!
  • A birthday celebration (including a peanut butter milkshake) with Laura at Culvers!
  • Visits from Rhys and Mary Ann, Mica and James, Ryan and the gang, Winnie and Curt, and Marissa!
  • Scent work and a party on the lake in Winneconne with Cutter and Pat, and OJ, Aubrey, and Laurie!



Thursday, October 7, 2021

Detective Spy Glass

Last year Jake earned the AKC Scent Work Detective title. It was his last trial where he competed due to the unreliability of his back and balance. When Sherye Wise posted a photo of the Detective Spy Glass I decided it was a fitting keepsake for his Scent Work journey and I contacted her! I received Jake's personalized Spy Glass today and was not disappointed! It is amazing! Thank you Sherye!


Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Don't Count Him Out!

 "Don't count him out", they said! From wheels to better to wheels to better... Jake never ceases to amaze me!

Since swimming wasn't working well for his back and it took him days to recover from a 20 min swim, we stopped doing that and substituted "biting the water on the deck" fun! A little of that is first on the video, then some brain-games (aka nosework) and more back and rear end strengthening in the living room!


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Super Sniffin' Ribbons Displayed

Jake's AKC Scent Work and UKC Nosework final ribbon display is done and I couldn't be happier!  Every ribbon has a story (as Laurie reminded me when she saw the display) and, bottom line, these all will not just remind me of the fun Jake and I had together but of the friends who were by my side the whole time.

The UKC ribbons are on the right.  

  1. The rainbow Elite ribbon was earned on my birthday which was also mother's day in 2018 at Beaver Dam and as I recall. Rose and Austin earned Elite that day also.  

  2. The Elite Champion ribbon (the long one with the tear in the ribbon because it hung out of my van for who knows how long) was earned in 2020 in the Quad Cities.

  3. At the same time the overall Nosework Champion title was earned.  There was no ribbon for the overall title and when I told Ester recently, she immediately offered me one from the Wausau club where Jake got most of the overall legs so that ribbon was added this past weekend!  

The AKC ribbons are on the left.  

  1. On the top is Jake's Master ribbon earned in 2019.  After the trial, I asked Ester to take the photo with my phone that turned out so good that Pat framed it and surprised me with it.  That trial was bittersweet at the time because Jake's health had deteriorated and I retired him (for the first time) that day.  

  2. Six months later Jake had improved enough to finish the Master Elite title in August 2020 earned one week after the UKC Champion title.  Again, the title was earned at a trial  in IL with no unique title ribbons so Lynsie surprised me with this special ribbon to add to the collection. 

  3. Lastly, the big ribbon is for Detective earned in November 2020 in Ohio.  The club had a loaner ribbon for photos and I liked it so much that I bought one like it (which is a whole other story :))!   

Sunday, August 1, 2021

My Teacher...

Thanks to the Central WI Dog Sports Club (CWKC & SWCCW) and judges Bonnie Gutzwiler, Tom Rezmer and Holly Bushard for letting JAKE play this weekend by being a DEMO DOG in most of the exterior searches!  The icing on the cake, as they say, was his demo search for DETECTIVE set by Erin Rezmer!  His improvement staying on his feet was apparent as he navigated both the exterior and then interior searches with barely a wobble and found the 7 hides in about 3 1/2 minutes!  

This dog teaches me every day that life is a blessing and not to waste it by feeling bad about what you can't do but rather do what you can do the best you can and enjoy every minute if it!  ❤

Friday, July 23, 2021

Searchin' on Wheels

 Jake is not fond of his wheels because he thinks he can do everything just fine without them (he can't) but once he gets started he cooks right along.  Sometimes a quick turn will tilt it so I have to be alert or it will topple over with him in it.  The few times it's happened, he's been pretty nonchalant about it and just stayed on his side waiting to be rescued and off he went again to whatever he was doing!!   


Friday, May 14, 2021

Celebrating my Birthday!

My Facebook Post!

Thank you ALL for the birthday wishes yesterday!  I'm overwhelmed by your posts and plan to spend the next few days responding to them because I value the time you took to send those wishes!  Jake and I made our usual trip to Starbucks for a birthday frappuccino and puppuccino along with my friend Laura who always makes these trips memorable!  😁

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

And he does love his swimming!

Jake no longer gets to jump off the dock or run up and down the ramp like a crazy dog when he swims but he does get to retrieve his toy about 30 times twice a week when we go to SwimDog Wellness Center. While he needs help getting in and out of my van and sometimes up and down a ramp into the house, he is doing remarkably well for what he's been through in his 11 and a half years! Of the 8 German shepherds I've had, I don't think I've had a happier dog that smiles more!

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

National Puppy Day

Since it's national puppy day I thought I'd share this collage of Jake a few days after I brought him home way back in 2010. 😁

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Karma and Jake after Scentwork

 Here's a picture of Jake and one of his favorite scent work partners, Karma (Jackie), after some searches at Sunset Park in Kimberly this morning! Even though he can't trial due to the instability of his back, we still train 3-4x/week with friends in different locations. 

Through the winter here in Wisconsin we haven't missed a week of training outside the whole season!

 Since Christmas he has experienced less stability in his back causing him to struggle with steps and consistently toppling over when he turns. Ice was not his friend! None of this has affected his attitude and his smiling face when he's having a good time! Never thought he'd still be here at 11.5 yrs old and for that I'm surely blessed.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Cutter and Jake after Scent Work

 53 Degrees and sunny...  Dec, 10, 2020!  When will the weather be this nice again!  Morning spent doing 4 exterior searches between Menasha and Omro!  That's about 40 hides!  Then the photo shoot which was ...well...  not the most fun part of the morning for Jake and Cutter!  But I explained that life is not perfect and they need to suck it up...  however, they drew the line at smiling!  lol

Monday, November 30, 2020

Boom! 2020 goals achieved!

 Boom! 2020 goals achieved!

​Jake von der Alte Baum, 11 years old, completed the top 2 titles in AKC Scent Work and UKCs Champion title within the last few months.  Very few, if any, dogs have this combination of high titles competing in these venues! I couldn't be prouder of him!  

Photos are Jake's first Detective Leg with  judge Bonnie 2 years ago, Leg #10 with judge Kim YESTERDAY and a photo of him in wheels and another practicing a high hide showing off his strong rear end!

****AKC DETECTIVE   11/29/20

****AKC  Scent Work Master Elite.  8/23/20

****UKC Nosework Champion    8/15/20

A year ago Jake injured his back and was in wheels​ to be able to walk without falling​. After swimming multiple times a week and rehab, he roared back from retirement​ in June to trial again after 9 months off,​ better than ever and now has finished what he started​.

None of this would have happened without all of the clubs that put on trials, the ​organizers and ​volunteers who worked tirelessly at those trials ​to keep them running smoothly ​and the judges who spent hours on their feet in all sorts of weather from 40 mph wind,  rain and snow to 100° temperature!

I truly appreciate the support of all the friends that I've made in my travels​ and my training partners (You all know who you are!).​ ​And also thanks for the ​private messages of congratulations that I received from all of you. And for my non-dog training friends,​this is a big deal and​ thanks for understanding my passion and supporting me like you do​!



Sunday, March 29, 2020

Cleaning the yard of Buckthorn trees - again!

So what did you do in the rain this morning? Jake had a blast showing off his talent of digging up buckthorn trees(invasive) in our woods! He eventually succeeded in getting out the roots that he was pulling in this video! This was one of about 3 or 4 he pulled out that were 4-5 feet tall. I locate one, kick the dirt and leaves away from the base and then after taking a huge sniff to determine that it really is buckthorn, he digs down to the roots before grabbing and pulling them out. They must have a distinctive odor and he also knows enough to pull the roots where there are no thorns.

Jake with his stash of Buckthorn roots!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Jake's successful 2019

Jake had a SUCCESSFUL 2019 and added 17 AKC titles to his plaque at the recent Winnegamie Dog Club banquet and received certificates for the non-AKC titles he earned.
  • He topped out in AKC Scent Work in an overall Master title (the 32nd dog to earn the title in the country and the first in Wisconsin), and Master Elite titles in Interior, Exterior and Containers
  • Other AKC titles earned were Rally Novice and Novice and Open Stunt Dog!  
  • Non-AKC titles earned were:
    • NADAC Agility: Hoopers and Barrelers
    • UKC Nosework Master Champion (First German Shepherd Dog to earn this title in WI)
    • C-Wags Nosework Level 4 (Super Sleuth)  (First dog to earn this title in WI)   
MNCH EHD (UKC Nosework), RATCHX4 (Barn Hunt) Jake von der Alte Baum RN (AKC Rally), SWM SCME SIME SEME & SHDE (AKC Scent Work) DJ (NADD Dock Jumping), SR Express & BA Junior (Dock Dogs), OSD (Stunt Dog), CGCA & CGCU (Canine Good Citizen), TKP (Trick Dog), IHC & IBC (NADAC agility), CW-SSS (C-Wags Nosework)  

Note: To get these higher titles, Jake earned 75 individual titles none of which would have been accomplished without the help of trainers and friends along the way...  you know who you are... and if you're reading this, know that I love and appreciate all of you


Sunday, April 28, 2019

Finally! Excellent Buried Hides Title!


An Excellent Buried Hides title (hides 6 inches down in ground)!  We sure tried enough times to get those 3 legs!  

That also got us our overall Excellent title because Jake already has the interior, containers and exterior master titles!  He also got the last of the Qs for the Master Interior Elite title!  Overall 8 placements (7-1st places and 1 3rd place)!  What a weekend!  

Thanks to the members of the Scent Work Club of Central WI for a great, fun trial! And thanks to awesome judges Christine Kozanda, Joanne Soyke and Renea L Dahms!!  You guys are the best!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Jake's Agility Adventures!

Two years ago I took Jake to agility lessons for fun and we participated in a few NADAC Video Runs at K9 Corps Agility and earned one leg.

Intro Skilled V Hoopers:1  Jake (17-07186)  Laurel Stone  Lemon  08/01/2017  q  

We did very little last year but this year decided it would be good exercise for both of us so started with lessons from Jeff Reidl at Dogwood Acres (K9 Corp Agility) and Jake didn't miss a beat!  Me - not so much so he compensated for me saying the wrong thing and just followed my hand motions!  I am very careful to not let him jump much and the highest he will have to jump in 12 inches because of age and we also won't be doing the weave poles but we will be having fun!

Last week we did 2 Video Runs and, oh surprise, passed both!  Jake has matured nicely into a dog who now actually listens to me on the course!  I guess all that rally and obedience training we've done have made a difference!!  :)

Laurel Stone  04/16/2019  Passion  Jake  17-07186  Skilled- Intro Regular-1  Q  Congratulations! 
 Laurel Stone  04/16/2019  Passion  Jake  17-07186  Skilled- Intro Regular-2  Q  Congratulations!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Jake's FUN day! Dock Diving AND Barn Hunt!

Posted on Facebook:

Jake had a SUPER day today doing 2 (yes TWO) of his favorite sports! Thanks to Three Hounds Training Ground (BeckyDianeRick - it was great seeing you again!) for offering the NADD Dock Jumping event and practice Barn Hunt! 

I limit Jake's jumps these days to one splash/wave a day because he is, after all, 9.5 years old and he still gives it all he's got! And thanks to my good buddy Minna for helping me hold the wild man back so he wouldn't charge the dock before his turn! 

We hadn't done Barn Hunt for 2 years and when Jake (1st RATCHX in the history of Barn Hunt and silver medalist at the 2014 nationals) realized that's what we were there for he got really excited and lost no time finding 5 rats in the first run and 2 more in the second one! Thanks Sue for that great opportunity!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Jake’s Videos

RATCHX4 (Barn Hunt) Jake von der Alte Baum CGC, Speed Retrieve and Big Air (Dock Dogs), UKC ELITE title, ETD (Expert Trick Dog)
Jake's ribbons  2015.12.17

Sunday, September 9, 2018

CGCA, CGCU, SCA, SEA, SWA–More Titles!

Jake had a variety of activities this weekend. Yesterday he completed his AKC Advanced Scent Work title by finishing the containers and exterior element titles. He was on fire for one of the exterior searches taking only 28 sec. for 2 hides and winning 1st place of his class of 23 dogs! Today he passed all the required skills for the Canine Good Citizen Advanced AND the CGC Urban test! He is such a fun dog!


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

He earned his keep today!

Jake surely earned his keep today!  I was clearing some brush in the yard and heaving it over a fence.  A piece caught my glasses (no line bifocals..$$) and flipped them off of my head which I didn't realize immediately until I had walked around a bit.  I searched to no avail because weeds were high so I brought Jake into the picture.  Into the house we go.  I got another pair of glasses, sat down with treats in one hand, glasses in the other and taught him "glasses" just like I've taught him other odors to search for.  It took him 5 times for him to get it.  Then I did a few times of hiding the glasses in the house and he alerted on them.  Off to the weed patch where I tossed the practice glasses down a few times and he found them.  Then told him to search more and he started sourcing on a raised bed (unused but with weeds) and, lo and behold, there they were. He first started sniffing on the outside of the concrete blocks through the holes and then went around to the side where they had landed.  I first thought they had flipped over the fence with the brush so had him searching there but he came out to the concrete blocks.  This whole process took 20-30 min. from the time I started teaching him. I recreated the find to take the photo. What a dog!! 

2018.8 Jake finding glasses

Monday, July 30, 2018

AKC Scent Work Trial–2018.7.28-19

Thanks to the Scent Work Club of Central WI for a successful trial! Judges Renea L Dahms and Tracy Perrine did a great job and all the friendly volunteers kept it running super smooth! And a final thanks to Rob Duberstein who gave up his Saturday to take awesome photos for us to share!

Jake added 12 new legs to his climb up the AKC Scent Work ladder getting 5 new titles (Handler Discrimination Novice, Exterior Novice, overall Novice, Buried Advanced, and Interior Excellent) while getting 4-1st place, 2-2nd place, 2-3rd place and 1-4th place ribbons! We learned a lot, made new friends and now know just how far down 6 and 8 inches is for the excellent and buried hides which have become yet another training opportunity for us!!! :)

2018.7.28 SW Trial SP (4)2018.7.28 SW Trial SP (6)2018.7.28 SW Trial SP (9)2018.7.28 SW Trial SP


Friday, July 20, 2018


Some fun photos from NADD Dock Diving near Biglerville PA! 

Julian Henry handled him for one of the jumps and looks like he is a seasoned pro!!

2018.7.6-7 NADD Round Barn PA (1)2018.7.6-7 NADD Round Barn PA (3)2018.7.6-7 NADD Round Barn PA (5)